Uson Legacy Products

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The Uson air leak measurement equipment below is no longer in production and is unavailable for purchase.  We have customers in certain markets where we developed specific products unique to their needs and we continue to support them with selected limited access components. While these products do not have an infinite life, we are extending them well beyond their designed life cycle to help our customers minimize their development costs.

If you need service one of the legacy products shown below, please contact us for more information.



The Raptor leak tester and app are discontinued,


Uson | Qualitek 626

Qualitek 626

The Qualitek 626 is no longer available.  The replacement for the 626 is the 628 Leak Tester.



USON | Qualipak 710 & 720

Qualipak 710 & 720

Qualipak 710 & 720 are no longer available.  Contact us for the replacement part, Qualipak 750, 770 or 780 depending on the application.





USON | Sprint LC

Sprint LC

Sprint LC has been replaced with Sprint mD. Learn more about the Sprint mD Leak Tester.



Testra PD

Contact us for more information. Replacement for the Testra PD is either Sprint iQ or Sprint mD depending on the application






We do not sell trace gas detectors anymore.  There is no replacement. Contact us for more information.