Qualitek mR

Versatile & affordable

The proven standard for fast, reliable leak testing in light- to-medium duty industrial applications. Qualitek mR combines the latest advances in multi-range (mR) leak and flow testing technology with the expertise and reliability of Uson.

Sensor Types

  • Differential pressure
  • Load cell
  • Mass flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature


  • Max Channels-Design (1)
  • Synchronous
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For many years, Qualitek has been the proven standard for fast, reliable leak testing in industrial markets. This versatile and affordable product offers high-quality and accurate results for light- to medium-duty industrial leak testing applications.

Today’s mR line combines the best features of predecessors into one efficient and easy-to-use tester. Backed by Uson’s world-renowned reputation, Qualitek mR sets a new benchmark of accuracy and dependability in leak testing equipment for multi-range leak and flow testing equipment. Designed to be used on the benchtop or mounted into automated systems, the Qualitek mR is impressively simple to use. The convenient and easy-to-read display lends efficiency and helps prevent errors.

Qualitek mR is a highly configurable system that accepts a full range of tests and transducers. It contains the most current leak testing technology, including a powerful toolbox complete with a full menu of options including:

• Pressure profile
• Charting
• Data analysis
• Programs storage
• Scroll-and-click control wheel

Flow Range: Up to 100 Liters per minute
Pressure Range: Up to 225 psig/15 bar differential
Up to 500 psig/35 bar gauge
Communications: RS-232 ports / tester 1
Host USB 2.0 ports 2
Device USB ports 1
Modbus serial
Ethernet IP

Inputs/Outputs: Max Decision Sensors / tester 3
Max Sensors / channel 2
A/D resolution (bits) 24
Max Analog Outputs / tester 1
Max Analog Outputs / channel 1
Analog Output bits PWM (~12)
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital inputs / tester 11
Valve Control signals / tester 16 (internal)
Maximum discrete digital outputs/channel 5
Discrete digital outputs / channel 5
Digital I/O Expansion option 8 in/16 out (valve drive capable)
Two-handed start support (software based)
Digital I/O Voltage Level 24vdc

Local Area Network: RJ 45 Ethernet ports 1
Logging to a networked disk
Emailed alerts
Physical Characteristics: Size (H*W*D) Inches 7 x 10.75 x 12
Weight lbs 24
Color Display size 8.5"
Color Display pixels 640 x 480
Front-panel membrane buttons 5
Integrated pneumatics
Test Ports 1
Calibration Ports 1
Test port style 1/8 NPT Female
Pendant Style Remote Control

Data: Accept/ Reject / Total Counts
Min/Max Test Result
Average Pass/Reject Result
Standard Deviation of all test results
Range of test results
Pressure versus time plot
  User Interface: Real time clock
Program select via Digital Inputs
Start / Abort via Digital inputs
Bar code input & control
Auto Comp & Auto Cal
Temp Comp (Pressure change)
Regulator – closed loop control
Configurable Pressure Units: psig, mbar, inH2O, mmH2O, inHg, mmHg, Kpa or Kg/cm2
Parts Grading
Auto Run Mode
Conditional Program Jumps
Accept/ Reject Step Markers – Continuous with timeout
Accept/ Reject Step Markers - Pulsed
Software: Operating System Software
Unix Based
Run/Program security key
Addressable Programs 99
Internal Test Result storage (test cycles) 1,000
Sequence Program link. Stop control, Vent control, Delay time option, Step control
Sensor Calibration Software zero & span with option of multi-point linearization per analog input.
Qualitek mR
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