Optima vT

Leak testing versatility at your finger tips

Optima vT offers Uson’s industry-leading reliability and advanced leak testing technology in a highly configurable and versatile tester. A comprehensive user interface puts control and information directly in your hands via the large, clear touch screen display.

Sensor Types

  • Differential pressure
  • Electrical current
  • Electrical volts
  • Laminar flow
  • Load cell
  • LVDT
  • Mass flow 
  • Pressure
  • Temperature


  • Max Channels-Design (2)
  • Synchronous
  • Independent
  • Coordinated
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USON’S TCU2 provides unlimited leak and flow test design.

This second generation Test Control Unit offers unparalleled flexibility in a single test channel. TCU2 allows up to four high-resolution sensors and with its available custom pneumatic configurations, the sky is the limit on your leak and flow test design creativity.

Leak testing innovation for the most demanding applications.

With a choice of one or two test channels, optional enclosures, a wide range of test types and custom pneumatics, the Optima vT takes versatility in leak testing to a new level. For demanding applications, choose high flow valves for fast filling larger volumes, or specify Uson’s proprietary differential pressure transducer for utmost sensitivity and repeatability. Even use two channels to test two cavities or parts simultaneously to reduce cycle time.

Advanced security features for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

The Optima vT is now available with A3N (Advanced Network Authorization and Authentication) A3 (Advanced Authorization and Authentication).  The A3 upgrade option offers advanced security features including user authentication through individual passwords or roles and the ability to log and monitor changes to parameters which enables compliance with standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 (U.S), MHRA/EU Annex 11 and others.

Solutions for ISO 80369-7 compliance enablement.

Working closely with our luer connector manufacturing client’s quality assurance and regulatory affairs teams, we’ve developed ISO 80369-7 testing solutions using our Optima vT tester’s powerful PROGRAM JUMP, MATH and STEP functions.  The Optima vT provides automated program steps, complex calculations and register entries, eliminating the scope for human error and enabling ISO 80369-7 & ISO 80369-20 compliance.

Flow Range: 0 to 560 lpm std  
Pressure Range: Vacuum to 1500 psig std
Communications: RS-232 ports / tester 4
  Host USB 2.0 ports 5
Modbus serial
Ethernet IP

Inputs/Outputs: Max Decision Sensors / tester 8
  Max Sensors / channel 4
A/D resolution (bits) 24
Max Analog Outputs / tester 2
Max Analog Outputs / channel 1
Analog Output bits 16
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital inputs / tester 64
Valve Control signals / tester 12 / channel
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital outputs / tester 48
Discrete digital outputs / channel 12
Digital I/O Expansion option 16 in/16 out 32 in/32 out and requires relays for valves
Two-handed start support (software based)
Digital I/O Voltage Level 24vdc

 Local Area Network: RJ 45 Ethernet ports 2
Logging to a networked disk
Emailed alerts

 Physical Characteristics: Size (H*W*D) Inches *10 x 14 x 5
Weight lbs 15
Color Display size 15"
Color Display pixels 1024 x 768
Touch screen display
Touch scroll control pad
Front-panel membrane buttons 5
Front-panel run / program key
Front panel start/abort buttons *
Remote pneumatics chassis
Test Ports Custom
Calibration Ports Custom
Test port style Per Design
Pendant Style Remote Control

 Data: Accept/ Reject / Total Counts
Min/Max Test Result
Average Pass/Reject Result
Standard Deviation of all test results
Range of test results
Pressure versus time plot


 User Interface: Real time clock
Program select via Digital Inputs
Start / Abort via Digital inputs
Bar code input & control
Auto Comp & Auto Cal
Temp Comp (Pressure change)
Temp Comp (Temp change)
Q-DAS interface
Regulator – closed loop control
In-field configuration
Configurable Pressure Units: psig, mbar, inH2O, mmH2O, inHg, mmHg, Kpa or Kg/cm2
Parts Grading
Auto Run Mode
Conditional Program Jumps
Accept/ Reject Step Markers – Continuous with timeout
Accept/ Reject Step Markers - Pulsed

 Software: Operating System Software
Unix Based
Run/Program security key
Password protection
Hard Disk
Addressable Programs 199
Internal Test Result storage (test cycles) 100,000+
Sequence Jumps within a test, optional jumping and grading within a channel, conditional wait on input, math steps
Sensor Calibration Software zero & span with option of multi-point linearization per analog input.
Step Editing
Math steps
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Operator Manual
Troubleshooting Guide