Sprint mD

Quality and performance you’ve come to expect from an Uson leak testing equipment.

With the SprintmD, Uson continues to meet the highest standards for leak and flow testing. A modular design, allows for easy service and easy upgrade, with the versatility to accommodate a wide range of leak testing and analysis. The SprintmD leak tester delivers fast, reliable, and accurate information when and where you need it, so you can stay in control of your process.

Sensor Types

  • Mass flow
  • Pressure


  • Independent
  • Max Channels-Design (4)
  • Synchronous
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A multi-application leak and flow tester capable of performing leak tests up to 750psi

Our Sprint mD leak tester for medical device applications is designed to seamlessly integrate into your network. The SprintmD  leak tester communicates and assimilates process data to and from connected equipment, providing the intelligence required to optimize manufacturing quality processes. The SprintmD helps users achieve operational excellence by delivering improved process insights powered by embedded fieldbus technology combined with advanced security features to meet compliance requirements. With fast cycle times and capable of performing leak tests up to 750psi and the ability to accommodate a wide range of multi-functional and part integrity tests, the SprintmD is the ideal leak tester to meet the requirements for product testing within the medical device industry.

SprintmD was designed to accommodate a wide range of testing requirements

The SprintmD leak tester can be configured for up to five non-destructive leak and flow test combinations to support both part integrity and part performance leak testing.  The SprintmD leak tester also accommodates multifunctional testing, including pressure, vacuum, flow testing, occlusion, burst, and crack testing up to 750psi.

With the ability to perform both integrity and performance tests in a single instrument, the SprintmD:

  • Reduces training requirements
  • Eases technology adoption
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Makes scaling operations less daunting
  • Maintains the highest levels of performance, while delivering fast cycle times and high repeatability.

Advanced security features enabling regulatory compliance and product performance requirements for medical device leak testing

With new security features, such as user authentication through passwords and roles, customizable access authorization, and the ability to log and monitor changes to parameters, the SprintmD leak tester enables compliance with standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 (U.S.), MHRA/EU Annex 11, and others.

Leak testing information at your fingertips to stay in control of your process

Through refined analytics that allow users to identify historical trends, the SprintmD leak tester identifies process degradation and helps to reduce transcription errors common with manual tracking. The SprintmD is capable of data collection, archiving, and reporting, making it easier to handle changes and retrieve data to support quality systems and manage processes.

The instrument also incorporates embedded fieldbus and expanded digital I/O, to optimize the control and selection of programs. With the SprintmD  leak tester it is possible to achieve two-way communication to send start and stop commands, select program commands, and communicate testing, accept, or reject status, as well as data from each individual step of the process.

The SprintmD leak tester is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind

With a large quick response touchscreen, the SprintmD leak tester makes viewing and accessing specific information easy. The interface is easier to navigate, for a more efficient user experience – including more information on the screen, more access to expanded information, and faster programming and screen reviews. The intuitive menu system provides access to a deep level of actionable data and reports and ensures quick programming.

Flow Range: Up to 20 Liters Per Minute
Pressure Range: Standard Vacuum to 150 psi (1.035 kPa)
High Pressure 150 to 750 psi (5.170 kPa)

Test Method VAC - 100 0 - 150 150 - 500 500 - 750
Crack (Upstream/Downstream) YES YES NO NO
Mass Flow Test YES YES NO NO
Vacuum Decay YES YES NO NO

Communications: RS-232 ports / tester 2
  Host USB 2.0 ports 2
Modbus serial
Ethernet IP

Inputs/Outputs: Max Decision Sensors / tester 4
  Max Sensors / channel 2
A/D resolution (bits) 24
Max Analog Outputs / tester 1
Max Analog Outputs / channel 1
Analog Output bits 12
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital inputs / tester 11
Valve Control signals / tester 16 (internal)
Maximum discrete digital outputs/channel
Discrete digital outputs / channel 12
Digital I/O Expansion option Additional 16 in 12 (valve drive capable) out (per TCU)
Two-handed start support (software based)
Digital I/O Voltage Level 24vdc

 Local Area Network: RJ 45 Ethernet ports 1
Logging to a networked disk

 Physical Characteristics: Size (H*W*D) Inches 10.5" x 10" x 12"
Weight lbs 15 - 22
Color Display size 8.5"
Color Display pixels 800 x 600
Front-panel membrane buttons 0
Integrated pneumatics
Test Ports 4
Calibration Ports Combined with Test Ports
Test port style 1/8 NPT Female or 1/8 BSPP
Pendant Style Remote Control

 Data: Accept/ Reject / Total Counts
Min/Max Test Result
Average Pass/Reject Result
Range of test results
Pressure versus time plot


 User Interface: Real time clock
Program select via Digital Inputs
Start / Abort via Digital inputs
Bar code input & control
Regulator – closed loop control
Configurable Pressure Units: psig, mbar, inH2O, mmH2O, inHg, mmHg, Kpa or Kg/cm2
Auto Run Mode
Conditional Program Jumps
Accept/ Reject Step Markers – Continuous with timeout
Accept/ Reject Step Markers - Pulsed

 Software: Operating System Software
Unix Based
Run/Program security key Password
Hard Disk
Addressable Programs 127
Internal Test Result storage (test cycles) 100,000+
Sequence Program link. Stop control, Vent control, Delay time option, Step control
Sensor Calibration Software zero & span with option of multi-point linearization per analog input.
Product Brochure
Operator Manual
High Pressure Data Sheet
Troubleshooting Guide