Qualipak 780 Non-Porous Package Integrity Tester

Qualipak 780 series are non-destructive, non-subjective leak testers for non-porous package integrity testing of large and medium sized pouches, bags, and trays. Both the vacuum decay and vacuum force decay methods are available in the Q780 series meeting ASTM F2338-04 Standard Test Method for Non-destructive Detection of Leaks in Packages by Vacuum Decay Method.

The Qualipak 780 series may be used for package and process development. The sealing and leak tightness of materials when formed into packaging can be assessed from data using the optional analogue output. Valuable production time can be saved by optimizing sealing machine settings when material and specifications change. Package quality and productivity are improved by analyzing test data may be saved to a PC. Trends are identified allowing for corrective action or scheduling maintenance for the packaging line.

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The Qualipak 780 is a highly-sensitive, non-destructive seal integrity and leak testing system with the capability to test a wide selection of large flexible pouches and bags in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Using the principle of measuring the force generated by a pouch under vacuum, the Qualipak 780's reliable and easy to use instruments offer unique and dependable solutions to flexible package testing.

Qualipak 780 Series Key Features

Non-destructive, cost effective bottle and canister integrity tester

Detectable Hole Size: 10 microns (Dependent on the container size)

Resolutions: .01 gram as per 770


Saves the cost of destroying good containers and allows for the contents of defective containers to be recycled.

Designed for the Manufacturing Environment:

Reduces the need to transfer containers to a special test area.

Ease of Use:

Tests can be performed by packaging machine operators, rather than specialist personnel.

Objective and Quantifiable Measurement:

No operator interpretation required.

For Packaging Development

The sealing and leak tightness characteristics of materials, when formed into bottles and canisters, can be assessed from the data collection. Valuable production time can be saved by optimizing sealing machine settings when material supplies or specifications change.

For Process Monitoring

Package quality and productivity can be improved by analyzing the Qualipak 780 test data. Trends can be identified and acted upon where necessary to maintain efficient production. Real-time monitoring with online statistical displays or archiving for further analysis are both possible.

Red and green pass / fail indicators

Printer port

RS232 port

External I/O port

Large touch screen display (optional PCMCIA card slot)

Qualipak 781: 13x10x5 inches

Qualipak 782: 24x18x3 inches

Qualipak 780 Non-Porous Package Integrity Tester
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